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Dr. Dylan Machycek
Dr. Dylan Machycek is a local to central Arkansas. In  high school he was part of the Bryant high school, Barracudas, and CASC Racers swim teams. After graduating from Bryant High School, he attended Henderson State University where he continued his collegiate swimming career for 2 years, and discovered his passion for chiropractic by finding relief from multiple shoulder injuries. In 2013, he moved to Kansas City with his wife Emily where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology at Cleveland Chiropractic College. He continued into the Doctorate program at Cleveland Chiropractic College and received his Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree in 2017. Dr. Dylan graduated summa cum laude and as valedictorian of his class. He currently lives in Benton, Arkansas with his wife Emily and their 2 dogs, Charlie and Paisley. When Dr. Dylan is not in the office, you can find him casting a line, sitting in a tree stand, working out at CrossFit Legit, or camping with his friends and family. 
When I decided to open my own practice, I knew that I wanted to combine all aspects of physical medicine, including, chiropractic, nutrition, and rehab all rolled into one. To me, this integrated approach gets patients well and out of pain quicker than alternative approaches. My goal is to address all aspects of your health and lifestyle so I can have a better understanding of why you're in pain. This allows me to recommend the best treatment options specific to your situation. I believe keeping an open mind to different treatment options is the key to success when treating patients, especially when dealing with pain management. I love the idea of getting people healthy and out of pain with chiropractic care, rehab/exercise, nutrition, lifestyle factors, and collaborative care with other healthcare providers. My passion is treating athletes, so when the oppurtunity arose to open an office attached to a CrossFit gym, I knew I had to take it. However, anyone at any level of fitness can benefit from chiropractic care, exercise and a healthy diet.

                                                    - Dr. Dylan Machycek, DC